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At-Home Learning Resources

Athena Montessori Academy has a number of at-home learning resources you can find on any of our social media platforms.  Our Youtube channel has a number of great lessons for kids.  Please follow us on all of the below platforms to stay up to date and discover new and fun ways to learn!
You can follow our Instagram to stay current with the goings-on at Athena, as well as receive regular recommendations for books, workshops, and other resources we're loving.
Athena has a number of at-home learning videos for you and your little ones available on our YouTube channel.

Athena Montessori Academy

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my son’s education. The loving guides at Athena taught him so much more than reading and writing– he’s learned how to take care of himself and those around him while navigating the social community of his classroom. I feel these life skills will serve him well as he graduates and enters first grade in the fall!”
- Rebecca O’Hara (Child now attending Eanes Elementary)