Covid Related Modifications 2021-2022 School Year

2021-2022 School Year
These are our most recent COVID-Related Modifications. We will continue to revise our protocols as needed and able, and will provide written notice of any changes that are made.
  • The school day schedule and the annual school calendar are subject to change at the discretion of school leadership, based on evolving circumstances related to the pandemic.
  • All food, including snacks and lunch, must be provided by the family and sent to school each day. There will be neither family-style food service nor food preparation activities in the classrooms.
  • Students will be required to keep multiple changes of clothes on campus in the event of exposure to bodily fluids (theirs or other’s) and labeled reusable plastic bags in which to store soiled clothing. 
  • All students will be visually health screened upon arrival. 
  • To minimize campus traffic, drop off will happen at your car in our parking lot off Ben White on a schedule that staggers arrivals.
  • If a child shows symptoms including, but not limited to, a fever of over 100° F, shortness of breath, or chronic coughing, we will contact the parents immediately and ask that they or a guardian collect the child right away. The child and one caregiver will be moved to a separate room where they can wait until the parents/guardians arrive. 
  • If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus, including staff members or students, we will contact our Licensing Representative and the Austin Health Department immediately. We are then required to follow their guidance regarding campus closure and duration. We will notify all enrolled families and communicate the necessary information, preserving the anonymity of the affected person(s). We will then proceed with cleaning and disinfecting protocols to ensure the space will be safe to reopen when deemed appropriate.
  • In the event of a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus and based on the recommendations or orders of the local Health Department, Government, or CDC guidelines, Athena may be required to close its campus during the course of the school year. Should a closure become necessary, we will move swiftly to reinstate virtual learning and connection programs that align with our Mission and Core Values. In spite of a closure, tuition requirements will remain. Failure to maintain tuition obligations will result in a student’s withdrawal and Athena will not be able to guarantee a spot for re-enrollment upon the school’s reopening.
  • Other school policies and procedures are subject to change at the sole discretion of leadership based on the evolving guidelines and recommendations of Local and Federal Health and Safety Authorities.
  • We respect your privacy in making your own medical decisions, so we will require all adults to be masked when on campus and at drop-off and pick-up until children have the option to be vaccinated.
  • Known vaccinated staff members will not be required to wear their mask while outside on campus.