Primary 3 Covid Update 8-13-2021

Dear Primary 3 Families, 

Whenever we have a positive Covid test result on our campus we consult with Austin Public Health (APH) and then are required to follow their guidance as to how we proceed.

We have had two consultations with APH this morning, as well as an opportunity to gather data from all the guides, and the testing physician. 

Here is what we know:

We asked all of our staff to get tested this week and Tiffany is the only one who received a positive result. The test she took was a PCR test. She has since taken a second PCR test that was negative, as well as a home test that was also negative. Her partner also tested negative. However, APH and the testing physician have both said that false positive results are rare with PCR tests and are recommending we treat it as a true positive. They say it is likely that she has a very low viral load because she is asymptomatic and had two negative tests.

Both Drew and Brenna had negative PCR test results.

The children had minimal exposure to Tiffany in the short time they were visiting this week, were outside part of the time, and Tiffany had her mask on the entire time they were inside. 

Here is the direction given to us by Austin Public Health:

We can open the classroom on Monday with Drew and Brenna and the children who were not on campus on Thursday for the Soft Start. (If you were here for the Open House on Wednesday only, it IS safe for you to start next week).  

To be safe, the guidance from APH is:

  • Tiffany quarantines for 14 days before returning to campus (one of our Support Guides will sub for her)
  • The children who were in Primary 3 on Thursday, August 12th, quarantine either for:
    • Ten days, starting school on Monday, August 23rd; 
  • Seven days with a negative test result on Day 5 (Tuesday, August 17th), starting school next Friday, August 20th.

As hard as it is to ask the Soft Start children to wait a few more days before beginning school, and as inconvenient as I know this ask is of you, we know this is the right decision to play it safe and protect the children who cannot yet get vaccinated, as well as to prevent an outbreak on campus.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and I again express my gratitude for your continued trust in our ability to keep your children and our community safe.