Tatiana Nam (She/Her)

Tots 2 Assistant Guide
Hello Athena families!
With experience in preschool child care, I truly understand the immense value that kids hold in our lives and recognize their potential as the future generation. I firmly believe that high-quality child care is essential, especially during early stages of development, when children lay the foundation for their knowledge and skills.
Having witnessed the transformative power of play, I advocate for a fun and engaging learning process for little ones. I firmly believe that teaching through games not only captures their attention but also fosters positive emotions, ensuring a lasting impression. Making learning enjoyable empowers children to absorb information while nurturing a love for education. 
In my spare time I find solace in practicing yoga, enjoy watching movies, attending music events, and expressing my joy through dance. These activities bring balance and rejuvenation to my life, enabling me to be a nurturing and dedicated mother and caregiver. With my unwavering commitment to child care and vibrant spirit, I aim to be an inspiring role model for my son and everyone I encounter in my professional life.

Tatiana Nam