Sahvannah Shavers Vazquez (She/Her)

Tots 1 Assistant Guide
I am a small town girl, who has made her way down here to learn what the big city has to offer. I graduated from Henderson High school in 2017, where I was in one of the last military marching bands in the country, and would also go on to be part of the Texas All-State Band my senior year. That fall, I then went on to be an undergraduate student at Stephen F. Austin State University, a small university in the heart of the piney woods. As an undergrad I majored in psychology and double minored in Modern Languages (Spanish) and Anthropology. I later
graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology in August of 2020. At this time, I also entered the SFASU General psychology Master’s program. After two years in the program, in which I spent time working in various classrooms in both the Psychology and Mass Communications
Departments, I was able to complete a thesis and all other requirements to walk the stage with a Master’s in Psychology in May of 2022. 

I moved to the North Austin area in August of 2022 with my two dachshund puppies (Cosimo and Valkyrie), two cats (Asuka and Libbie), and husband. Since then we have spent much time exploring the capital of the beloved state of Texas. Some of our favorite finds so far have been bird bird biscuit, Jeni's ice cream, and the many trails around the area! 

Since graduating I have found that I have a strong passion for working with children, specifically toddlers. They have a way of looking at and discovering the world that is fascinating and I feel lucky to be a witness to it. Working around children has shown me where I can improve as an adult so that I may help them along their journeys more effectively. While I have a strong focus on research and teaching, I have been encapsulated by the ideas written by Dr. Montessori and others and how they have been implemented in the community and culture at Athena Montessori Academy. I am excited to start the journey of learning how to guide children through their own lives, and becoming someone that the children and parents enjoy coming to include in their own personal adventures.

- Sahvannah Shavers Vazquez