Sam Hernandez (He/Him)

Primary 2 Support & ASP Guide
Hello Athena Families!

My name is Sam and my wife, Lauren, and I moved to Austin from Colorado in October 2020. I’m a musician and she loves the warm weather. I play with a few bands in Austin and I spend a lot of free time writing and recording music at my apartment.

I’ve been blessed with many employment and volunteer opportunities. A significant portion of my previous work and study came from traveling abroad. I lived in Australia for four years with a non-profit group. I found myself traveling through several countries in southeast Asia and I spent time with local primary schools teaching English and basic health care.

I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. I was given a few opportunities for freelance work as a journalist. 

Perhaps the most prominent credential that correlates to my current position with Athena is my adaption to children at my mom’s private daycare business. She started working full time at home as a licensed daycare provider when I was an infant. She still does home daycare 33 years later. I grew accustomed to overseeing groups of children; their interactions, reactions and curiosity. I think that the curiosity of a child keeps existence interesting and fresh. It is highly underrated but necessary to my sanity, and it was motivation for me to return to childcare. 

I’m honored to be working with your children at Athena. This is my second year with Montessori and I’m hard at work to make meaningful, lasting impressions.

Your most grateful friend,