Lecs Smoak (She/Her)

ASP Guide & Floater
Hello Athena Community, 
My name is pronounced Alexis. Fortunately my mom wanted me to feel original; unfortunately there are times when I just feel out of place (a mug will never say my name). Athena made me feel “home” and reminded me that being different is a beautiful thing. Athena swept me off my feet instantly. It felt like love at first sight. The community that I saw thriving here was one I really wanted to be a part of. I am consistently trying to soak up every ounce of learning opportunities that I can. 
Raised just outside of Austin, I was able to watch Austin turn into the booming city it is and still appreciate the countryside. I learned to love nature and admire it for its beauty. At every party, celebration, or holiday, no matter my age, I would surround myself with kids. I never felt like I belonged anywhere else; adults simply weren’t cool enough. I always knew I was meant to guide and support children. Athena has really honed my passion for guiding young minds. This fall, I plan on returning to college, in hopes of teaching high school one day. While I love early childhood, something about teenagers intrigues me. I am eager to see what this experience brings and how I can make a difference. I will use it to expand my experience, knowledge, and love. 
In my free time I LOVE to write poetry, and I am determined to publish a book. I also love joining my partner, Isaac, for hikes, fishing, or video games. 
I am thrilled to make an impact on this world and even more so for the impact these children will make on my life. 
With kindness,