Becca Himes (She/Her)

Primary 1 Assistant Guide
Hello families!
My name is Becca Himes and I have worked at Athena since November 2021. Childcare and teaching has always been a passion of mine, from babysitting, being a summer camp counselor, to volunteering as a teacher’s helper at my hometown ballet studio. 
I grew up in Southern California and moved to Chicago for college, where I majored in film studies. I later shifted my focus to study Early Childhood Education, where I learned more about the Montessori method and loved it. I am so inspired by the respect, encouragement, and nourishment Montessori brings to each child. I started working as an Assistant Guide at a Montessori school in their Toddler classroom, where I was able to observe the method in action and begin learning the basics.
In 2021 I decided to make the big move from Chicago to Austin. As soon as I found Athena, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team. I am so inspired by everyone’s passion, dedication, and love for what we do. I begin Montessori certification training later in 2023 and I’m so excited to dive deep into learning the method!
Outside of work I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, spending time with friends, and exploring the beautiful city. I love hiking and being out in nature, and traveling to new exciting places. 
I feel lucky to be a part of the Athena community and am thankful to spend every day learning and growing alongside your children.
With love,