Sydney Frideley (They/Them)

Primary 3 Support & ASP Guide
Hello Athena families!
I am so happy to be starting my third year at this incredible school. I have always loved working among passionate people and Athena has provided the perfect environment for just that! 
I was born in Austin as the oldest sibling of a large family. Living with them in Austin gave me many opportunities to flourish in nature. I have always loved the green belt, taking hikes in close-by parks, and kayaking through our beautiful rivers and lakes. I also spend my weekends trying to connect with our community and improve it for the better through volunteer work. I believe we are the change we want to see in our world and there is no better way to start than volunteering your time to neighbors in need.
My interest in childcare began in high school when I assisted in running a Montessori summer camp for the first time. Seeing how clever and full of life even the youngest children were and how Montessori protected that instinct inspired me to learn more about how I could aid in cultivating that environment.
I am so happy to continue that journey as a support guide in P3! There is nothing more inspiring than seeing their development at this age, as every moment is an opportunity to show any child they are capable of changing their environment for the better. I cherish these moments, and am honored to aid in your child’s journey to discovering their way in the world.