Laila Khorrami (She/Her)

Primary 2 Lead Guide
Athena Families,
I am honored to be a part of the family at Athena, a place I consider warm, inspiring, and right on my wavelength. This is my second year as a lead guide in Primary 2, and my third year at Athena. My experience here has been incredible and full of growth. I am really looking forward to continuing on this path!
My career journey began after graduating from Texas State with a Bachelor’s in Education and working as a nanny and substitute teacher for a year. I yearned for more. I received my TEFL certificate, packed up my life, and moved to Thailand. I took a lead position designing English lessons, art activities, and coordinating at Kwah Dao, an English school for stateless Burmese students in the mountains of Pai, Thailand. I was introduced to a small homeschooling community and was also able to design science lessons for children ages 7-10.
I then moved on to be a full-time primary teacher at American Pacific International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here, my passion and connection to children grew, as did my knowledge of education. I was given the freedom to re-design the curriculum geared towards play-based learning, to create an outdoor learning environment, and to study inquiry-based methods of learning. These experiences really changed my life, broadened my horizons, and showed me what it means to be a teacher at heart.
In November of 2019, I relocated back to Texas to be closer to family and further my passion for education. I substituted for Whole Life Learning Center and Headwaters school, along with nannying for several families. I stumbled upon Athena, was asked to co-lead in Primary 5, and the rest is history!
I am a lover of nature, yoga, music, cooking, gardening, cycling, exploring, and anything warm and fuzzy. I have 2 kitty-sons named Gus and Kai, and a huge family sprinkled all over the world. I strive to grow and change each day, becoming the best version of myself I can be. I deeply enjoy witnessing the same in the children I’m lucky enough to call a part of my community at Athena!
With love,