Lynda McGovern (She/Her)

Primary 4 Assistant Guide
Hello Athena Friends and Families!
My name is Lynda McGovern. First, I want to say how grateful and blessed I feel every day when I walk through the gates of Athena Montessori Academy. My experience, thus far, has been nothing short of amazing. I’m surrounded everyday by a team of Montessorians who love your children and it shows.
I came to Athena in March of 2018 first as a sub, and then began my role as Support Guide during summer camp and into the school year. The 2022-2023 school year begins my 5th year at Athena and third year as Assistant Guide in Primary 4.
My degrees in art from Texas State University have led me on a creative path most of my life. Almost 26 years of teaching art, via my own private children’s art studio and private schools, has been the great joy of my life. As I look back at my teaching career, I realize that the Montessori way of guiding children in art comes very organically to me. Being able to explore the process of creativity with as many mediums as children can reach for has always been my goal.
Still a working artist, outside of school, you can also find me most weekends crossing things off of my “Happy Bucket List” with a close knit community of friends. We all love getting out in our awesome ATX cultural and natural settings.
Today, I look forward, with an open heart, to sharing my experience and learning more from this wonderful Athena community. Supporting your children, as they pass this way, is an honor.
With warm regards,