Benjamin Gikow (He/Him)

Primary 2 Assistant Guide
My name is Ben Gikow and I moved from Andover, Massachusetts, to Austin, Texas, four years ago. My life as an educator started when I was 13 as a Taekwondo instructor program where I taught people martial arts for four years. Guiding Taekwondo classes was a fun puzzle on its own in that it was one of the first times I realized how differently people learn.  From there I moved on to working as a camp counselor for the summer programs of AYS (Andover Youth Services) where I organized games and got kids involved in projects they might not otherwise invest in; it was an exciting adventure of companionship and fun.

The next step in my life was college. I went to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a major in Visual Art Education and a minor in ceramics.  I have always loved the freedom of exploring an artistic medium and now I have the skills to help learners experience the same wonderful thing.

After college I worked at Shed Children’s Campus in Andover, a Reggio Emilia inspired after school program for children ranging from toddlers through grade school age.  I found the teaching philosophy to be efficient and adaptable to all learning types since Reggio also focuses on the child being the guide for learning.  After moving to Austin, I then joined the Athena team where I’ve been working as an After School Support Guide and then as a Tots Assistant Guide. I am ready to help the little scientists, explorers, and learners of Athena take their discoveries to the next level. I look forward to meeting you all!

Warm regards, 

Ben Gikow