Arely Camacho

Tots 1 Assistant Guide
Hola! My name is Arely Camacho and I will be assisting in Tots 1.
I grew up in the border cities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. I am bilingual; my native language is Spanish. Camping and hiking in the desert was a normal part of my life and it shaped my love and respect for nature and my appreciation for the knowledge you gain from playing outside.

I have a degree in Media Advertising from UT in El Paso, but few things bring me so much joy as being around children. When I moved to Austin in 2016, I decided to change my path and started working at an outdoor and play based preschool. This is my first year in a Montessori environment and I am really excited to be part of the community.
Three years of working there and the privilege of seeing 4 month infants grow and my first group of 2 year olds leave for kindergarten has been so rewarding that I know I want to keep being a guide for the next generations. It is a joy to see them explore everything our world has to offer and become independent and confident.

I’m also an herbalist and an artist. I talk to plants and work with them to be able to create medicine. My art is a reflection of those relationships, plants play an important and sacred part of my life and I love to share that with others. I’m often traveling in our van with with my partner Christopher and our dogs Appa and Oats.

I am looking forward to my first year in Athena and connecting with the children and their families.


Arely Camacho

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“Athena is Montessori with flexibility. What a perfect combination of Montessori learning and respect with fun. As a working parent I find the after care options and extracurricular programs to be priceless!”
- Rose Koransky (Child now attending Zilker Elementary)