Morgan Hendricks (She/Her)

Movers & Shakers Lead Guide
Hello, Dear Families!

I am honored to introduce myself as a member of the Athena Team, as the Movers and Shakers Lead Guide, and as a graduate of the AMS Infant/Toddler program of the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies. I found my home away from home in this community in the summer of 2010 and, not surprisingly, I still feel butterflies with each new school year. I was craving a community that was dedicated to making a difference in the world, where people were not only interested in growing, and supporting one another, but where I could fully be myself, make deep, meaningful connections, and encourage others to blossom into the fullness of their being as well. 
I was working at a coffee shop when I first learned about Montessori Education. There was an Athena family with a young boy who would frequent the shop. Their son was the one who would place the order and pay. While the drinks were prepared we would have short conversations and I noticed his confidence and his love of learning. One day he told me that I should visit the school and his dad gave me Lisl’s contact information. That introduction opened doors for me and I found myself feeling like I’d come home. I’ve always had a love of spending time with children and it wasn’t until I found the respect of the child that the Montessori method fosters that I realized that this work is my passion.
Working with infants and toddlers is my favorite. It’s a time of such discovery and unfolding and the children teach me so much! I love how the community of families in our class comes together and how the culture we create provides a safe and exciting experience each day.
When I’m not in the class, I enjoy being out in nature, hiking, camping, and spending time in water. Art is another passion of mine. I paint, draw, do photography, knit, do ceramics, and eagerly explore craft projects and art forms introduced to me. I receive much love and comfort from my indoor cat, Mr. Wizard, who helps me remember to pause and be present when I'm home. 
Morgan Hendricks
Movers and Shakers Lead Guide