Kimberly Love (She/Her)

Primary Program Lead & Montessori Mentor
Hello Athena Families,

Montessori education has been a passion and driving force in my life since I followed our oldest child to school, 25 years ago. Not knowing anything about the philosophy, I was seeking a warm and inviting place for her to experience kindergarten.  I happened upon a Montessori school close to our home. When I entered the environment, the die was cast. Never before had I seen twenty children of varying ages interacting and learning peacefully with minimal adult intervention. I quickly enrolled both our daughters and became the school’s #1 volunteer parent, eager to soak up all the Montessori knowledge I could. I worked at that school for a couple of years as an assistant guide, and then enrolled in Montessori Teacher Training. 

After completing my Montessori training at the Dallas Montessori Center  I was a Lead Guide at White Rock Montessori School of Dallas for five years.

Our family journey brought us to Austin in 2005. In 2007 I signed on as a founding member of Mariposa Montessori School and served there until 2014. From 2014 until 2018 I enjoyed being an independent consultant and mentoring at several Austin area schools, including Athena Montessori Academy. When the opportunity presented itself to join the team here at Athena, I was honored and excited. Knowing Lisl as a colleague in the broader Montessori community for years, I always had a desire to work closely with her organization. I am so grateful to be serving the families of this community and to be working with this amazing faculty and staff.
My role as Primary Program Lead is fulfilling to me on multiple levels. Getting to know the children and families across the six Primary classrooms provides me with connection and a deep sense of community. Supporting children and teachers on their journey together at Athena allows me to bring Dr. Montessori’s philosophy to parents and teachers. Working closely with our Education Director, Mandy Waid, brings me inspiration and joy. 

I live in south Austin with my incredible husband Bret. We have reached the empty nest stage of our lives and we are happy to report everyone is doing great! One of our daughters lives in Madrid, Spain where she works as a digital marketing specialist, and the other lives in east Austin and is pursuing a career as an aesthetician. We are passionate about travel, music, food, peace, justice,  and the outdoors. 

Kimberly Love