Jazmin Castro (She/Her)

Primary 6 Support Guide
Hello Athena families!

I am so excited to be a part of this lovely and very close community and I’m looking forward to
getting to know all of you and your loving children.

I started working with children from a young age in my church community. A friend
introduced me to group child care and I realized how much I love being with kids, watching them
grow, and watching them take in everything around them like little sponges! I then worked at a small Spanish immersion school with children ages 3-5 and I knew then that’s what I wanted to do. Working at Athena Montessori is a new experience and I love the independence and hands-on learning Montessori has to offer the children.

I grew up in Mexico and moved to Austin in 2001 and have lived here ever since. I love
spending my weekends with my family and going to church. I am one of five kids in my family
and have a dog named Pepper. One thing I think is crucial is the relationship I have with my
family, therefore I will do my best always to get to know your children and you.