Alex Kinkade (She/Her)

Primary 6 Assistant Guide and Montessori Intern
Hello families,

I’m excited to return to Primary 6 for my third year alongside Jennifer, Jazmin, and Lecs! I spent a beautiful summer in Denver, Colorado beginning my Montessori training at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies. I’m thrilled to return home to Athena and intern under Jennifer! 

I grew up just west of the Austin city limits, where I spent most of my formative years playing outside and exploring the world around me. I have many childhood memories of following the creek in my backyard, riding bikes with friends for miles, and learning to navigate our way back home. It was during these years that I developed a love for nature and animals. I’m grateful to have had a safe environment to explore, play and learn. I believe these experiences have positively shaped much of my life and are part of why I’m drawn to the Montessori philosophy—how it is designed to build the child’s confidence and independence.  
Another early love of mine is children; I’ve always known I’d work with them in some capacity. I babysat and nannied throughout high school and early college, where I studied liberal arts and child development. During my studies, I had the opportunity to observe many different pre-schools and early learning environments. It was there I was first introduced to the Montessori method. I was immediately drawn to the positive language, beautiful materials, and the method’s hands-on learning. I have since taught as an assistant guide at two Montessori schools in the Austin area, working with children of toddler and primary ages.  

I was first introduced to the Athena Community in 2019, when I was hired as a substitute and later, joined the incredible full-time staff. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I knew that Athena was something very special. I’m delighted to be back for the 2022 school year and feel lucky to be at a school that encourages its staff to constantly grow and learn alongside its students. I look forward to all the joy and laughter working with your children will bring this year!

Warmly, Alex